Beerpinions #45- Rafael Gomez

Beerpinions first suburban guest Rafael Gomez comes onto the show. Rafael is the proud proprietor of Minor Threat Restaurant Group (which includes Sovereign of Plainfield and Crusade of Yorkville). Pat and Bruce learn a little bit about running a business in the “burbs” as well as break their no politics rule on the show. Visit […]

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Beerpinons #2: Doug Sohn

In the secondĀ episode of Beerpinions, the guys sat down and spoke with Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s & now Wrigley Field fame. They talked a bunch of baseball, the ideal pairing for hot dogs and sausages and why macrobrews…actually are pretty awesome sometimes. iTunes | Stitcher

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Hophead Heaven

Fall is here and with it comes cooler temperatures, changing leaves and (thank God) the kids are back to school. For the brewing world it’s the only time of the year you can get your hands on freshly picked hops, also known as wet hops. Wet hops refer to whole hop cones picked fresh off […]

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