Curling at Kaiser Tiger

Please see below for reservations, which are only accepted up to four days in advance. A Curling Master will be onsite to explain the rules, help with scoring, and ferry the stones back to your group. More about Curling can be found below in the FAQ section.

Make a Reservation

This Reservation is for a Curling Court only, NOT a table reservation. We highly recommend making a table reservation as well! Unless part of your group will be staying at the table during Curling, please make sure to book your Table Reservation before or after your 40 minute Curling Reservation.   We have nine 10-foot-long infrared heaters in the Beer Garden, but Curling is not heated, so please dress accordingly!


How much is curling?
Curling is $70 per lane, per 40 minutes.
How many people can curl at once?
A maximum of four (4) guests can curl at one time, per lane.
Should I make a table reservation?
Yes! Your curling reservation is only for curling! If you want to dine before/after, you need to make a table reservation as well. If you do not make a reservation for a table, we cannot promise that there will be space. Please make your reservation at (Note, this is for 10 or less guests. If you have 10 to 20 guests, you will need to email If you have over 20 guests, please email
What is your Cancellation Policy?
As stated when you sign up, we cannot alter, refund, or cancel Curling Reservations once you have booked. Please make sure that you have booked the correct date and time as once you are confirmed, we cannot change this reservation.
Curling stones? Do we get brooms too?
Our Curling Stones are legit Canadian born and bred, coming in at 25 pounds each! As we are a bar, and alcohol is involved, guests are not allowed on the ice. You will be on nonslip mats to ensure that your knees and feet stay firm and safely on non-slick surfaces. There are no brooms.
I have a large group of who wants to curl. How do I book?
Please contact
How should I come dressed?
Our curling lanes are fully outdoors in our back Beer Garden. We recommend dressing warmly and comfortable shoes. We also have hot beverages available for purchase to warm you up!
Are children allowed to curl?
Generally, Curling is best for children 12 and over, given the weight of the stones. Please no more than one child per one adult.
Who will be out on the court with us?
You will have a Curling Master on the ice with you at all times, showing you the rules, techniques, and pushing back the stones. There will be another group next to you as well on the second lane.
What if I’m running late with my group?
Sorry! We run a tight schedule and your time cannot be pushed back or altered in any way. Your time ends when your time slot has ended. Again, we do not cancel, refund, or alter Curling Reservations in any way.
How far in advance can we sign up?
All reservations are done online, up to four days in advance. You pay when you sign up online. If you need to book further in advance, that can only be done with a private or semi-private event. For more information, please email
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